Waney Edge Desk

Waney Edge Desk

This is a great example of how Southwood Designs work; we were approached by a hypnotherapist who wanted a natural looking table, however had a specific set of dimensions into which it had to fit.

We settled on Lacewood (London Plane) with a waney edge and copper sheen hairpin legs. It was a beautifully simple and elegant piece. The process of building a bespoke piece of furniture is highly creative and requires the craftsman to see beyond the obvious in the wood to unlock the natural beauty within.

The pictures show how the wood for this project looked at the start, it definitely wasn’t the prettiest piece of timber. The next step, and arguably one of the most important is to work out where to cut in order to get the most from the piece.

Then, it is a lot of planing and sanding before finishing in order to unlock the full beauty.

The therapist was delighted with the outcome and said “The desk is perfect for me, more beautiful than I imagined at the start, all of my clients comment on what a nice piece of furniture it is”

If you would like your own piece of bespoke furniture then please get in touch.